• Therapy in Motion 2 Point Massager
  • Therapy in Motion 2 Point Massager

Trigger Point Treatment

  • Precisely Pinpoints Trigger Areas
  • Compact
  • Solid Construction
  • Can be used directly on skin
  • Relive Muscle Tension and Stress
  • Various Colour Variations

The Therapy in Motion 2 Point Handheld Massage Tool is an excellent way to directly target knots within the muscle tissue to relieve tight and sore muscles. The massager has a robust and sturdy construction, making sure it is built to last. It is small and compact enough to take with you anywhere on the move and can be used directly on the skin for intense self massage or on top of clothes for a more gentle massage experience. Regular massage can help minimise the risk of injury, making a tool like this a must have, especially if your on the move a lot. The 2 point massage tool is available in a variety of different colours.

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