• BSN Medical Delta-Therm thermoplastic
  • BSN Medical Delta-Therm thermoplastic

Delta-Therm Thermoplastic

  • Versatile
  • Remouldable at a temperature of 60-70°C
  • Can return to its original form
  • Elastic memory
  • Excellent for using on contour areas
  • Lightweight and durable



Delta-Therm thermoplastic is the perfect material for splinting both the upper and lower limbs. The plastic can be easily moulded at a temperature of 60-70°C and is workable for around 3-4 minutes. The material is translucent when it reaches a mouldable temperature, enabling it to be easily worked with and prevent mistakes such as self-bonding. The elastic memory allows the Delta-therm thermoplastic to be used over and over without showing any signs of breaking down. It offers unparalleled levels of comfort, whilst being extremely lightweight to allow you to continue as normal with every day activities.

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