• Ethicon Dermabond ProPen (6)
  • Ethicon Dermabond ProPen (6)

Derma bond Propen

  • Strong liquid adhesive
  • Strong construction
  • Self-removable
  • Provides precise adhesive placement
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Durable

The Derma Bond Propen allows precise placement to the affected area of a strong adhesive, liquid bonding agent which is primarily used to seal cuts and wounds until they heal over. It provides a similar level of support as a traditional stitch whilst providing no risk of needle cross-contamination. While the Derma Bond adhesive provides up to 72 hours of microbial protection for a minimum of 72 hours. The adhesive will come off the wound by itself as the healing process progresses and negates the inconvenience of stitch, staple or bandage removal, thus improving patient comfort and overall wound healing experience. Perfect for use in lacerations, wounds, surgical incisions and cuts.

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