• Thera-Band Exercise/Resistance Band
  • Thera-Band Exercise/Resistance Band

Classic original resistance bands from Thera-Band

  • Professional quality stretch latex exercise bands
  • Invaluable for fitness, resistance and rehabilitation training
  • Used to improve strength, range of motion and flexibility
  • Available in a range of colour coded resistance levels
  • Sold in 5.5m rolls for home use and and 35.7m for gyms and therapists

The brand that it is widely believed to have pioneered resistance training are still market leaders in resistance exercise bands and tubing. In physiotherapy and sports medicine resistance therapy is used as part of a strengthening fitness programme or for rehabilitation after injury. Resistance is graduated by the thickness of the rubber which is colour coded from light resistance (yellow) to Special Heavy (black). Physios and athletic trainers will increase the intensity of the resistance as the athlete's performance improves.

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