• Ferno Saver Scoop Stretcher 265
  • Ferno Saver Scoop Stretcher 265

Scoop Stretcher 265

  • Well constructed
  • Versatile
  • Constraint strapping provided
  • All patient types
  • Quick & Easy to use

The Ferno Saver Scoop Stretcher 265 is well made and caters for patients of all types as a result of the fully adjustable telescopic tubes. The stretcher is relatively lightweight and can be used quickly due to the fast twin locking and unlocking mechanism. Each stretcher is supplied with 3 patient restraint straps while patients can be lifted to safety using a scissor type closing motion. The versatile and lightweight structure allows the stretcher to be sued almost anywhere at anytime. Specifications: Length Max: 2010mm (1650mm) Width: 430mm Height: 80mm Weight: 8kg Load Limit: 159 kg

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