• K-Active Kinesiology Tape
  • K-Active Kinesiology Tape

The original Kinesiology Tape from Japanese manufacturer Nitto Denko

  • Original manufacturer of Kinesio Tape
  • Medical grade acrylic adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Quality guaranteed from years of production
  • Premium cotton cloth

K-Active Kinesiology Tape is the rebranded Kinesio Tape manufactured by The huge Japanese corporation Nitto Denko. In 2006 Kinesio took the decision to move production to China. Physiotherapists and Kinesio taping practitioners wanted continuing supplies of the original tape; so K-Active was created as the new branding for the original Kinesiology Tape. Understandably K-Active still has a huge loyal following as the premium quality is recognised as the market has enlarged with copies. It is reassuring for physios, osteopaths and doctors to still have access to the same premium tape created over 30 years ago.

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