• Levotape Kinesiology Taping Scissors
  • Levotape Kinesiology Taping Scissors

Seriously sharp scissors for Kinesiology Tape

  • Cut tape with beautiful precision
  • Much cheaper than Kinesio Taping Scissors
  • Leave no frayed edges
  • Perfect for shaping tape

Kinesio tape is a cotton cloth with paper backing; this necessitates the use of very sharp scissors for cutting without damaging the tape. Kinesio taping scissors were manufactured in Japan to be razor sharp for the clean sharp cutting of Kinesiology Tape. Vivomed has designed and manufactured an alternative to these scissors to offer an equally sharp cut at an economy price. The very sharp blades make cutting and trimming the tape very easy and precise, and these scissors are now widely used by sports physios as general purpose first aid scissors.

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