• Mueller P Tape - Zinc Oxide Tape
  • Mueller P Tape - Zinc Oxide Tape

New P Tape from Muellersportsmed

  • 100% Rayon fabric
  • Strong adhesive
  • Serrated edge for easy tearing

P Tape has been a phenomenon since Australian Jenny McConnell developed her technique for patellar tracking using rigid zinc oxide tape Leukotape P back in 1984. In the US however, the strong rigid tapes favoured by European physiotherapists have not been as popular as the light cotton athletic tapes. While P tape is associated with patellar taping, it is now a term which is used for strong very adhesive rayon tapes which are usually brown in colour, and are now used for all sorts of taping techniques which require rigid strapping with good adhesion. The new Mueller P tape now provides them with a European style tape for all the tough taping jobs for the modern sports physio.

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