• Andover Healthcare PowerFlex Cohesive Bandage
  • Andover Healthcare PowerFlex Cohesive Bandage

Taping standard strapping tape from Andover Healthcare in the USA

  • Stronger than most cohesive tapes
  • Unique fabric
  • Fantastic quality
  • Breathable and sweat resistant
  • Part of the Andover Ultimate Taping System when used with Powertape

From Andover Healthcare in the USA, Powerflex is not considered as a regular cohesive tape but more as a taping method. As it is stronger than other cohesive tapes it tends to be used by sports physios for particular taping techniques. In recent years Andover has introduced Powertape, and the combined taping method with Powerflex is seen as an alternative to the standard athletic Taping techniques using rigid zinc oxide sports tapes. This strapping method is known as The Ultimate Taping System. 

This taping method is widely used in sports in hot environments where the glue on normal tapes can loosen in the warm weather. As there is no adhesive used with Powerflex and Powertape, it makes it the ideal solution for taping in warm or wet environments.

How To Use PowerFlex Cohesive Bandage

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