• Reliance Medical Relistrip
  • Reliance Medical Relistrip


  • Non-stitch paper suture
  • 50 Sterile strips
  • Low-Allergy adhesive and outer material
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


Relistrip is a sterile wound closure strip which can be applied quickly in cases of emergency even when wet. The adhesive component of the strip can be easily applied and removed, whilst being low allergy and breathable. The outer layer of the strip is also hypoallergenic, making the strip suitable for use by the majority of the population. Relistrip is a great cost-effective alternative to the more expensive brands but still maintains a comparable level of performance. Relistrip is particularly effective for sealing deep cuts, surgical incisions and lacerations as an alternative to using skin glue or stitching. Each box provides a total of 50 individually wrapped Relistrips.

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