• Vivomed Roller Wrap & Handle
  • Vivomed Roller Wrap & Handle

Secure Icing

  • Well designed with durable handle
  • Helps secure ice/heat pack in position
  • Durable cling-film type material
  • Roll easily replaced
  • Lightweight and Portable

Applying an ice/heat pack to a specific area, for a set period of time can often be difficult. Wouldn't it be handy to have something that could hold it securely in place for you? Well now you can, introducing the "Vivomed Roller Wrap & Handle" securing a treatment pack has never been as easy and makes it much more convenient for the user. Whether its to ensure an ice pack is applied to a sprained ankle, knee injury or an abrupt hamstring tear, the Roller Wrap has you covered. Make injury treatment easy and convenient today with Roller Wrap.

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