• 3M Health Care Steri-Strip
  • 3M Health Care Steri-Strip

Sterile Skin Closure Strips

  • Sterile
  • Non-invasive
  • Provides wound support
  • Comfortable
  • Easy removal
  • Reduces risk of infection

Steri-Strips are great way to improve both wound support and strength in a way which is more reliable than a standard suture. Using a Steri-strip is very straightforward and requires no previous experience for correct application. The procedure is non-invasive and their sterile nature helps insure that the risk of infection is minimised. Patients have reported that the Steri-strips are comfortable to wear in comparison to sutures or staples and provide superior cosmetic outcomes. Renowned for their high level of versatility, they are often used to seal lacerations, surgical incisions and post suture/staple removal.

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