• Vivomed Vivo S Tape Zinc Oxide
  • Vivomed Vivo S Tape Zinc Oxide

Best zinc oxide Sports Tape on the market

  • Extremely sticky
  • Strong Rayon cloth
  • Easy tear serrated edge
  • Same tape as Vivotape P

Vivo Sport Tape is arguably the best zinc oxide sport tape on the market. Designed with BSN's Strappal as the gold standard model, Vivomed created a tape which is both stronger and stickier than Strappal. For all taping and strapping techniques, to support and immobilise ankle and knee joints, or the more difficult shoulder injuries, Vivo S Tape is the zinc oxide tape of choice. Manufactured from extremely strong Rayon (Viscose cloth), with a serrated edge for easy tearing, and a strong zinc oxide adhesive, this sports tape peels off the roll with ease and unravels to the core.

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