• Vivomed Vivorip Cohesive Bandage
  • Vivomed Vivorip Cohesive Bandage

Top quality, cohesive tape (sticks to itself but not the skin)

  • Similar to Mueller-M-Lastic at a fraction of the price
  • Effective compression and easily torn
  • Good blood spill tape for first-aid
  • Vivomed sports tape guaranteed quality

Vivorip is another quality bandage in the Vivotape range designed to the specifications of market leading sports tape brands such as Mueller M Lastic, Tensoplus, Coban and Powerflex, but sold at fantastic prices. Cohesive tapes are arguably the most useful tapes in a first aid kit as they can be applied quickly and ripped without the need for scissors. Since the fabric sticks to itself without the need for adhesive, cohesive bandages are a superb compression bandage for soft tissue injuries. for quickly taping up an ankle sprain, or to stop bleeding and absorb blood in minor cuts.

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