• Wintergreen Hot Mustard Soak
  • Wintergreen Hot Mustard Soak
  • Relieves tension and fatigue
  • Warming effect with mustard seed powder
  • Soothes tired and exhausted muscles
  • Decongestant, improves sleep

Wintergreen Hot Mustard Soak

Recommended to relieve tension and fatigue.
Wintergreen Oil
Mustard Seed Powder
Whether you have had a tiring day at the office or a tough training session, allow the powerful heat-activated bath soak formulation to help soothe tired, exhausted muscles, tension and fatigue.
Pro Tip:
Soaking for 10 minutes or more in a warm bath with a half or full sachets of Hot Muscle Soak with its combination of mustard seed powder, wintergreen, eucalyptus and camphor oil creates an aromatic, warming, recovery blend. Great after a heavy exercise session, as it reduces inflammation, relieves aches and pains in the joints and relaxes the muscles, speeding up the body’s recovery time.
The heat from the soak can be intense but really improves blood circulation, allowing the body to sweat it out, eliminate toxins like lactic acid, reducing the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness), with the added benefit of being a strong decongestant, clearing blocked sinuses and a tight chest and aiding in better sleep, leaving the body feeling warm, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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