Sports Club Accounts

How to set up a sports club account to order prescription only medicines (POM), sports medicine, physio, first aid and medical consumables in one place?

I have been using Vivomed for many years. I have always found all their staff to be extremely professional and reliable as well as a great source of advice. The new webmeds service allows 24-hour access to provision request as well as a constantly updated source of information that I continue to use on a regular basis.” Dr Gary O’Driscoll - Arsenal Football Club

Vivomed has been working with all levels of sports clubs for over 20 years and has been involved in the many developments that have taken place in sports medicine from the Magic Sponge to the state-of-the-art medical facilities that are expected today.

During that time the supply of sports medicine products to physios and team doctors has also evolved, but in a way has not been addressed with the same level of professional governance as is possible with current technologies.

In recent years at Vivomed we have recognised the deficiencies that exist in the use of the Internet for ordering medical supplies for physios and doctors working at teams and clubs. A few years ago, in an effort to professionalise the supply of medicines to Team Doctors we developed the Webmeds online ordering service which allows doctors to quickly order medications and be automatically compliant with legislation through the online system.

We have now developed to address the difficulties that clubs and organisations have in the administration side of the procurement process.

Contact Chris Webb or call him on +44 (0) 28 44617666 to set your account up and arrange a discount on all your clubs orders.

Vivomed should be considered as an ordering portal rather than a website. We have added all Physio and Medical products to the portal, so clubs can order all physio supplies from the same source as the prescription drugs for the Team Doctor.Importantly, the ordering service has been developed to offer a high level of control and transparency for the administration department of an organisation.

Accountancy staff will be able to view the status of their invoices; multiple users and categories can be created within an account, and uploads may be created to comply with accountancy software purchase order requirements.

We have created a flexible evolving system which offers the opportunity to create partnerships which will link all the elements of procurement within the team organisation.

To set up a club account to order prescription only medicines (POM) and all Physio, first aid and medical consumables in one place please follow the steps below.

Vivomed is a fully licensed Pharmacy and through our new website Clubs can order pharmaceuticals with their Doctor as all other medical and physiotherapy consumables.

To create a new account to order prescription only medicines (POM) please visit:

  1. - Please create your new account under the name of your Doctor, as they are the account owner.
  2. - The details of the administrator or other medical staff who usually do the ordering (if this is not normally the Doctor) and email address can be added and stored as the shipping details on the account. These can be added at checkout on your first order. Multiple delivery addresses can be added to the account meaning orders can be easily shipped to your training ground, stadium etc.
  3. - A Doctors GMC number is required to open an account; as this is the account login.
  4. - Once the account is created, a copy of the Doctor's signature can be uploaded to the account. This will be securely stored on your account for all future orders. Signatures need to be on a white background and clearly visible and orientated landscape. See sample image for size and details below.

Sample signature

Any queries or question, please contact Chris Webb - or call him on +44 (0) 28 44617666