Electrical Stimulation for Menstrual Pain with NuroKor

Electrical Stimulation for Menstrual Pain with NuroKor

NuroKor's bioelectronic technology, studied by NuroKor’s Medical Science Director, Dr Irem Tezer Ates, and Dr Esen Ertur of Sakarya Government Hospital, aims to manage menstrual pain.

Menstrual pain affects many women and often disrupts daily activities. Effective treatments are limited, making the need for new solutions apparent.

A case study using the NuroKor Lifetech Mibody showed that electrical stimulation reduced menstrual pain for nurses who used it up to six times a day. The pain relief lasted for up to 12 hours, allowing increased daily activity and improved quality of life (Tezer Ates, 2022).

What does this mean?

The research suggests that electrical stimulation, as offered by NuroKor, can be a reliable and effective treatment for menstrual discomfort. It enables women to work during menstruation, provides long-lasting pain relief, and enhances productivity.

Overall, NuroKor’s bioelectrical stimulation technology offers hope to menstrual pain sufferers, with the Mibody demonstrating its effectiveness in alleviating severe menstrual pain, either as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies.

Practicality and minimal disruption to daily life are essential considerations for menstrual pain remedies.

“NuroKor’s technology is designed not only to give a personalized treatment – each device has multiple settings so you can find the one best for you – but it is also delivered through ultra-wearable devices that you can use on the go.”

Learn more about NuroKor’s menstrual pain study on their website: https://www.nurokor.com/blog/electrical-stimulation-menstrual-pain-case-study

Tezer Ates, D.I. (2022). Electrical stimulation for menstrual pain | Case Study. Available at: https://www.nurokor.com/blog/electrical-stimulation-menstrual-pain-case-study (accessed Nov).

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