New Range of Nurokor Products at Vivomed

Vivomed Sign New Partnership Deal with NuroKor BioElectronics Pain Relief Products

NuroKor BioElectronics and Vivomed join forces to deliver cutting edge pain relief, recovery support, and rehabilitation technology to UK sports injury clinics.

  • The new deal will bring personalized pain management and recovery solutions to sports injury clinics and sports team medics.
  • NuroKor’s bioelectrical technology is already used by over 60 elite, professional, and Olympic athletes.

NuroKor technology uses bioelectric nerve stimulation to deliver personalized pain management, recovery support, and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions. Explaining his own experience with the devices, Ashley Watson, GB Olympic Bobsleigh team Sports Therapist and ex-GB Olympic Bobsleigh athlete, said: “NuroKor is a life saver when it comes to recovery. After a training session, I use my NuroKor Lifetech device alongside an active recovery and mobility workout, and I almost feel like I’m ready to work out again! I also have had a few niggling injuries, and NuroKor definitely prevents me from suffering. My performance increased, and my aches decreased.”

NuroKor KorBand application accessory and back belt
NuroKor KorShoe Device Application Shoes
NuroKor mitouch Complete Body Therapy System KorOS5
NuroKor EcoLife series electrode pads

A recent patient survey of more than 100 users echoes Ashley’s results, with 91 percent able to stop or reduce pain medication when using NuroKor.

From March 2022, Vivomed, which is led by a team of highly experienced medical professionals, will add NuroKor’s electrotherapy range to its offering, providing sports injury clinics with access to groundbreaking technology. This will enable practitioners to deliver personalized treatment for patients experiencing pain and recovering from injuries. Clinicians will be able to integrate NuroKor’s technology into their treatment programs, offering a more holistic and effective approach to pain management and rehabilitation.

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