Clinics Accounts

Vivomed has developed the new Business to Business online ordering portal specifically to simplify the procurement process for the busy physiotherapy or medical practices.

It has been our experience that clinics in all disciplines in the medical field may shy away from online ordering from traditional websites. Often this is because of restrictions created by accountancy packages and standard operating procedures which are not addressed by most websites which are usually set up for transactions with members of the public.

Our new ordering portal has been created not only to address the needs of the therapists, but also to rationalise the administrative process within the business.

Practices which use prescription drugs as well as generalised physiotherapy products will be able to order everything from the same place.

Practice Managers will be able to create user groups within the Account Admin set up allocating ordering and admin functions to individual users and accountancy information will be made transparent to authorised personnel only.

The admin functions within the portal will continue to evolve and be developed according to partnership requirements.