• Silipos Silopad Achilles Heel Pad
  • Silipos Silopad Achilles Heel Pad

Protection for the vulnerable Achilles Tendon

  • Useful for chaffing and blisters
  • Helps with rubbing and pain of Tendonititis
  • Soft, comfortable gel pad
  • Enclosed in a lightweight fabric sleeve

The Achilles Heel Pad is a lightweight sleeve that cushions and protects the Achilles tendon by absorbing friction and pressure. Protection of the Achilles Tendon is achieved by way of a soft, conforming gel pad which protects the back of the heel from pressure, impact and friction. The protective pad provides gentle compression around the inflamed area. It is effective in reducing the pain of tendinitis or simply protecting against discomfort caused by footwear and blisters on the bottom of heel.

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