• Gaviscon Advance
  • Gaviscon Advance

Soothing Gaviscon Relief

  • Rapid Acting
  • Raft Forming
  • High Strength
  • 2 x Durable as Antacids
  • Prevents Acid Reflux

Gaviscon Advance Liquid is perfect for the treatment of acid reflux related conditions such as heartburn and indigestion. This formulation contains a high concentration of Sodium Alginate and typically lasts 2 x longer than antacids. For this reason it is rapid acting but also suitable for use during pregnancy. Warnings A 10mL does contains 106 mg of Sodium and 78 mg of Potassium, should be considered when used by individuals on salt restricted diet. A 10mL dose also contains 200 mg Calcium Carbonate so special care should be taken by individuals who have experienced nephrocalcinosis or hypercalcaemia. Treatment of children younger than 12 years of age is not generally recommended, except on medical advice.

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