• PSB Ankle Brace 8
  • PSB Ankle Brace 8
  • PSB Ankle Brace 8
  • PSB Ankle Brace 8
  • Designed to help prevent ankle injuries
  • Fits well in sports shoes and combines with shin pads
  • No movement restriction for an optimal sports experience
  • Offers support to ankle instability

PSB Ankle Brace 8

The PSB Ankle Brace 8 is a specially designed sports brace suited for the prevention and treatment of ankle injuries. The PSB Ankle Brace 8 ensures controlled limitation of movement for the ankle joint without interfering with sporting activities such as hockey, football and athletics.

The PSB Ankle Brace 8 features unique cross-over strapping to provide additional support for athletes who are at risk of ankle sprain during sporting activities. This simple design is hugely effective in protecting the joint from excessive or abnormal movement while still allowing full ankle functionality.

Indications For Use

  • After minor spraining
  • In cases of slight instability
  • Tendinitis
  • Prevent recurrence of ankle twisting

Serious spraining and major instability usually require a stronger brace such as the Push Sport Ankle Brace Kicx or Push Med Ankle Brace.

Sizing the PSB Ankle Brace 8

Size Foot Circumference Around Arch (cm)
Small 20 - 22.5cm
Medium 22.5 - 25.5cm
Large 25.5 - 58.5cm

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