• Balance Massage Wax (formerly called 'Women's Blend')
  • Balance Massage Wax (formerly called 'Women's Blend')

Songbird Balance Massage Wax 

N.B. If you're looking for our 'Women's Blend' Massage Wax, you've come to the right place! We've changed the name to Balance Massage Wax, but the ingredients, scent and essential oil blend remain the same. 

The popular Balance Massage Wax (formerly called 'Women's Blend') contains a balancing blend of essential oils.

The scent most likely to come to the fore when inhaling this blend is Geranium, which is then perfectly balanced by the musky and regal notes of Frankincense. It is this combination that makes Balance so special.

Bergamot provides a pleasant, citrusy aroma. One of the most uplifting essential oils, it aids in lifting the spirits and relieving stress.

The essential oils used in this blend have traditionally been used in aromatherapy to provide feelings of emotional balance.

*All Songbird products are IFRA and EU 1223/2009 compliant and are 100% Natural.

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