• BSN Medical Leukomed Sterile Wound Dressing
  • BSN Medical Leukomed Sterile Wound Dressing
The Leukomed non-woven wound dressing provides outstanding comfort and performance. The ultra soft cotton material helps protect and heal any open, exudation type wounds without causing any pain on discomfort during application or removal. These dressings are both moisture and air permeable, keeping the wound dry and free from maceration and infection. The highly absorbent pad is able to absorb a large amount of fluid and moisture, prolonging the amount of time in between dressing changes. Leukomed dressings can be applied almost anywhere on the body due to their high conformability and flexibleness.Look No Further Than Leukomed
  • Non-woven
  • High Absorbance
  • Ultra-soft
  • Sterile
  • Skin Friendly

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