• Chemodis Chemodol Massage Oil
  • Chemodis Chemodol Massage Oil

Chemodol Comfort

  • Suitable for all Skin Types
  • Makes Skin Smooth 
  • Improves Massage Grip
  • Easily Washed Off
  • Neutral Fragrance
  • Skin Care Benefits

The Chemodis Chemodol Massage Oil offers maximal skin absorption, ensuring massage therapists have a firm grip on the muscular tissue to allow for an intense deep tissue massage. This massage oil is specially formulated to cater for individuals of all skin types and is of a neutral fragrance. Once applied, the skin becomes smoother and allows it to be easier worked with whilst providing a beneficial skin care action. When the massage has been completed, the Chemodol can be easily rinsed off with water without leaving any sticky residue. Commonly used by both physiotherapists and massage therapists across the country to provide an optimal massage experience.

Chemodol is a premium massage product, the complex ingredients and formula for the Chemodol give it the texture and feel of a cream/lotion (which is far better for massage/treatment) but performs as a massage oil. 

Chemodol is a massage oil. When in the bottle it will look very similar to a cream/lotion but once massage/treatment begins and the Chemodol is worked into the skin your customer will see the transformation from cream/lotion to massage oil. Because of this you only needs to use a small amount.

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