• Naqi Clean Skin Pre-Taping Spray (70% Alcohol)
  • Naqi Clean Skin Pre-Taping Spray (70% Alcohol)

Gently cleanses for improved adhesion

  • Effective pre-tape skin preparation
  • Cleanses and cleans skin
  • Easy to use spray formulation
  • Useful for large areas
  • 70% Alcohol

The NAQI Clean Skin Pre-Taping Spray has been designed to cleanse and clean the skin prior to taping (70 percent Alcohol), which means that any tape applied to the skin will stick better and be more effective.

Sweat and dirt can reduce the effectiveness of taping techniques, so the introduction of this product into the market is welcomed by the sports medicine community.

The Clean Skin Pre-Taping Spray formulation contains 70% alcohol to remove dirt and oily skin debris, as well as glycerin and jojoba to soften and soothe the skin. It is advertised as being effective in preparing the skin for Kinesiology Taping, but it is also useful in preparing the skin for zinc oxide or any other type of taping.

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