• Coban Cohesive Bandage
  • Coban Cohesive Bandage
Top end cohesive tape from 3M Medical this soft, comfortable tape is widely used in professional sport. It has the functionality of an elastic adhesive bandage but without the need for adhesive as it sticks to itself. It can therefore be used for compression in swelling or oedema, to immobilise joints, to keep dressings or ice packs in place or to support sprains and strains. The 2.5cm tape is particularly popular in cricket for taping fingers. The fact that the tape is lightweight, porous and free from adhesive makes it perfect for this application in this hot sporting environment.Premium quality cohesive tape from global taping giant 3M Medical
  • Widely used in hospital and medical practice
  • Comfortable cohesive tape
  • Tape of choice for finger taping in cricket

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