• Roche Combur 9 Test Strips
  • Roche Combur 9 Test Strips

Combur 9 Test Strips

  • Tests for 9 different parameters
  • Glucose, pH, bilirubin, ketones, blood
  • Protein, leukocytes, urobilinogen, nitrite
  • Long lasting
  • High sensitivity producing results fast
  • Reliable and accurate


Combur 9 Test Strips offer monitoring and self-diagnosis from your home or on the go, in a way which is both safe and reliable. The Combur 9 tests for 9 different parameters through urinalysis which includes; Protein, leukocytes, urobilinogen, nitrite, glucose, pH, bilirubin, ketones and blood. A colour chart is visible on the label of the vial, providing a convenient and reliable way to compare colour of sample. The test strips are very sensitive, meaning only a small amount of a given marker is required to produce a positive result. This allows appropriate action to take place before the condition progresses. Each test strip is ascorbic acid protected to minimise the possibility of false results and thus improve accuracy and reliability. The strips can be stored long term for cases of emergency due to their long shelf life of two years. Results can be produced quickly in just 1-2 minutes, allowing quick self-diagnosis. It should be noted that positive results should be further investigated by your GP or doctor to confirm diagnosis.

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