• Coopers Elbow Crutch - Plastic Handle
  • Coopers Elbow Crutch - Plastic Handle

Roma Medical Crutches

  • Rubber Crutch Tip
  • Fully Height Adjustable
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Precisely moulded handle
  • Non-slip

Coopers Elbow Crutches with a shaped hand grip and arm support to spread hand pressure more evenly.

Includes 1 pair of standard, lightweight, aluminium crutches for aiding mobility in individuals with sprains, fractures or sores. The height of each crutch is fully modifiable with the studded locking system, to ensure a perfect fit for any given patient. The handle of each crutch is carefully moulded to provide patient comfort and grip. The bottom of the crutches have a rubber, non-slip tip to ensure optimal safety.

Product Code: CRU003E - Elbow Crutch Double Adj. Plastic Handle Extra Long 820mm - 1092mm (32" - 43")
Adjustable inside arm 21 - 27cm

Product Code: CRU004E - Elbow Crutch Single Adj. Plastic Handle Adult 670mm - 940mm (26" - 37")
Fixed inside arm 21cm (one size)

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