• Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler unit
  • Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooler unit

Cryo/Cuff Comfort

  • Measurable levels of compression
  • Degree of coldness is also regulated
  • Adult and child sizes available
  • Well designed cuff to completely cover the designated area
  • Cooler can be detached
  • Helps reduce swelling and oedema
  • Comfortable and durable


Cold and compression are the optimum combination for both recovery and repair with particular reference to rehabilitation, trauma and post-operation. The cuff can help minimise the risk of oedema and reduce pain and swelling to aid the recovery process. The ergonomic cuff design ensures all of the affected area is covered whilst maintaining optimal comfort. Both the levels of compression and coldness are regulated to make sure risk of tissue/muscle damage remains low. There are sizes available for both adults and children and be used with the cooler system. If your looking for a recovery system that is both safe and easy to use, look no further, this is the product you require.

To be used in conjunction with any of the Aircast Cryo Cuffs - chose the one needed for your affected area.

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