• Airex Fitline 180 fitness, exercise, yoga or Pilates mat (Charcoal)
  • Airex Fitline 180 fitness, exercise, yoga or Pilates mat (Charcoal)

Fitness Matters With Fitline

  • Great entry level product
  • Comfortable 1cm thickness
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Stable and slip-resistant

Being a newcomer to activities such as yoga and pilates can be daunting, especially when it comes to sourcing the correct equipment. The Airex Fitline 180 yoga/pilates mat is an easy choice for combining performance and cost effectiveness. Most yoga beginners are unfamiliar with what's on offer and what they actually need, this specific mat has all the essentials you need to get going to become a fitter you. The mat itself is of a standard thickness of 1cm, which offers enough support to protect the back, knees and ankles, whilst also providing a good degree of contact with the floor surface to ensure exercises can be performed without any balance issues. A strong gripped, anti-slip designed surface ensures that safety is at the forefront while risk of injury is minimised. Easily folded, the Fitline 180 can be comfortably taken on the go, to your local yoga class or work. The Fitline 180 is comprised of a durable material making sure it lasts for years rather than months. Yoga beginners, pilate enthusiasts and strength and conditioning focused individuals would all greatly benefit from using the Airex Fitline 180, get yours today.

Dimensions 180 x 60 x 1 cm's

Weight 1.5 kg's

Please note - powder on Airex mats and thickness dimensions:

Airex mats get shipped to Vivomed in bulk from the factory in Switzerland. To prevent them sticking together or getting damaged a thin film of powder is applied. When you get your new Airex mat, you may find some powder on it, this is perfectly normal, please wipe off any excess powder with a damp cloth.

Please also note, thickness dimensions are approximate and your mat may take some time to fully expand after being left rolled up.

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