• Ferno Frac Immobilisers
  • Ferno Frac Immobilisers

Ferno Fracture Immobiliser Splints

  • Available in three sizes
  • Padded
  • Support and protect damaged limbs
  • Velcro Strapping
  • Easy to clean

The Ferno fracture immobiliser splints are available in three sizes, designed using high quality Velcro strapping to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Commonly used in emergency situations to immobilise and support fractured limb injuries. The x-ray translucent nature of the splint allows patients to undergo a scan without the need to remove, which can be crucial in the healing and treatment process. The splints are easy to clean and resistant to bodily fluids, minimising stain risk. The Ferno Fracture immobiliser splints are an essential tool for anyone involved with emergencies concerning fractured limbs.

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