• Ethotics Heel Raise - Full Length
  • Ethotics Heel Raise - Full Length

Protect Against Impact

  • Specifically designed to be worn in a sports shoe or boot
  • Absorbs high impact forces at heel strike
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Can be used with any insole
  • Easily removed
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevent injury


The only pre-fabricated full length heel raise of its kind, E-thotics provide an excellent high quality, firm 65 rated plate. Full length heel raises are increasingly becoming more widely used as they are able to more directly mimic a natural walking gait in comparison to traditional heel raises. The heel raise itself can be used on a daily basis in almost any pair of footwear to reduce impact force acting on the lower limbs, particularly in individuals who run with a heel strike. Reducing impact force can essentially minimise the risk of injury and help in the rehabilitation of existing injuries. The E-thotic heel raise offers a superb balance of performance and comfort whilst ensuring risk of injury is kept to an absolute minimum. Although its only available in one size it can be cut accordingly to meet individual requirements.

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