• IOMED - DJO Global Iogel Electrode - Disposable
  • IOMED - DJO Global Iogel Electrode - Disposable

Iomed Iogel Electrodes

  • Elliptical Shape to follow line of tendons
  • Clear adhesive
  • Silver-Silver Chloride technology
  • EZ fill window technology
  • pH stabilisation
  • Non-stick handling
  • Easy application


The Iomed Iogel Electrodes contains the innovative Silver-Silver Chloride pH Stabiliser ensuring the pH is maintained at the optimal 4.5 level. The Iogel electrodes is made up of a clear adhesive which allows for more precise and comfortable placement in comparison to competitor brands. The combination of the elliptical shape of the tape allows the adhesive to follow the line of the tendon while the GelSponge ensure maximal contact between electrode and skin for optimal drug delivery. The hydrogel provides a conductive medium similar to that found in ultrasound gel while the transparent EZ fill window protects the adhesive properties of the electrode during handling and hydration. *12 Kits per Box - kits include one each: drug delivery electrode, disposable dispersive pad and alcohol wipe. FOR USE WITH THE: Iontophoresis Dose Controller Device

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