• SEIRIN J-Type Acupuncture Needle
  • SEIRIN J-Type Acupuncture Needle
SEIRIN J-Type Acupuncture Needles are constructed using stainless steel in an ultra-fine design, ensuring they can be easily inserted into the skin. The accompanying guide tube which comes on each needle helps ensure precise placement and insertion of each needle. Expert care has been taken to make sure each individual needle has been made with care and sterilised using electrolysis and ethylene oxide gas. All supplied needles have a easy release grip handle with light touch insertion and specifically colour coded to indicate size. Each guide tube has a rounded edge, ensuring optimal comfort and the shaft is centred on the handle itself promoting a high level of accuracy.SEIRIN J-Type Acupuncture Needles
  • Stainless steel
  • Light Touch Insertion
  • Individually sterile wrapped
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • Painless Insertion
  • Easy to use

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