• BSN Medical Leukomed IV Film
  • BSN Medical Leukomed IV Film

Leukomed® I.V. Film

  • Safely secure I.V catheters and cannulas
  • Offers resistance against infection
  • Great breathability
  • Waterproof
  • Easy application
  • Long lasting


The Leukomed® I.V. offer a secure and reliable adhesive for holding both intravenous catheters and cannulae in place. The strong adhesive in combination with being an ultra thin film offers great waterproofing whilst allowing water to evaporate. The films offer a great level of breathability whilst still providing long term protection from bacteria and other foreign bodies. Each film is translucent with a noticeable red stripe, allowing each film to be accurately placed in the correct position. The film offers unrivalled levels of comfort so much so that individuals sometimes don't notice that they are wearing the film. If your looking for a combination of comfort, durability and performance look no further.

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