• Rescuer Products Manual Vacuum Pump - MVP
  • Rescuer Products Manual Vacuum Pump - MVP

Timesco Manual Vacuum Pump

  • 3M HEPA Filter
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • 100° swivel Head
  • Various Settings
  • Can be used with one hand


The Timesco Rescuer MVP suction pump produces high vacuum with the help of the 3M HEPA filter on a 100° swivel Head for easy operation. The pump is remarkably lightweight and portable making it perfect to take with you on the move. The settings can be modified to your liking to cater for both children and adults. The built in overflow protection system offers the user reassurance that the pump can be used in a safe and equally effective manner without fear of overflow. The pump is relatively simple to maintain with the disposable collection jar and catheter included.

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