• Reliance Medical Medium Dressing
  • Reliance Medical Medium Dressing

Treating Trauma

  • Unmedicated
  • Conformational
  • Low Adherence
  • Sterile, Single Use
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable


Single use, Unmedicated dressing, Low adherent pad, Conforming bandage. medium large Eye pad These dressings are included in HSE first aid kits Standard HSE sterile unmedicated wound dressings, have been in use since before the war

The Reliance Medical Medium Dressing pack has a wide range of applications in the treatment and protection of sacrificial wounds. Each dressing is individually wrapped and unmedicated making it a suitable choice for a wide range of individuals. The bandage remains on firmly but has a low enough adherence as to not cause pain on removal. The dressing due to its sterile nature is single use and can conform to almost any area of the body. A great bandage to store as part of a first kit or to take with you on the go in case of emergency. These dressings currently form a part of the HSE first aid kits.

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