• Mueller More Skin
  • Mueller More Skin

Safe Skin Solution

  • Won’t stick to the injured area
  • Hydrogel Material
  • Can be trimmed to size
  • Aids removal of wound secretion
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

Mueller More Skin provides an excellent layer of wound protection. The skin itself is made from a hydrogel which is mainly water based, this in turn provides moisture to the wound and thus promotes the healing process. The hydrogel material can also help absorb secretions from the wound and ensures it wont stick to the affected area. Depending on the size of the wound, you can cut the skin to a size which is suitable. While the Mueller More Skin is non-medicated, it offers a fantastic level of protection and stimulates healing. No wound is too big or too small and should be treated fast. More skin provides wound treatment at your finger tips and offers a great way to protect previously sensitive or damaged areas.

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