• Siemens Healthcare Multistix SG Reagent Strips
  • Siemens Healthcare Multistix SG Reagent Strips

Multistix SG Reagent Strips

  • Reads for 8 different parameters
  • Reagent strips for urinalysis
  • Blood, pH, Ketones, Glucose
  • Protein, urobilinogen, bilirubin, Specific gravity
  • Safe and easy to use with colour chart provided

The Multistix SG Reagent Strips are an excellent way to self test for underlying health conditions such as; Diabetes, liver/kidney problems and urinary tract infections. Each individual strip is able to detect for up to 8 different parameters including; Protein, glucose, blood, ketones, pH, bilirubin, urobilinogen and specific gravity. Each box comes with a colour chart which can be used to easily identify if you have an underlying condition. *If you suspect you do have an underlying problem you should contact your doctor to get a confirmed diagnosis.

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