• IOMED - DJO Global Optima Electrode - Disposable
  • IOMED - DJO Global Optima Electrode - Disposable

IOMED Optima Electrode

  • Adjusts pH to optimal 4.5
  • Easy to stretch
  • Strong adhesive properties
  • Maintains pH well
  • Viscosity enhancing element
  • pH buffering agent

Optimisation of drug transport can be of great benefit to those using a carbon conductive element. The Optima electrode promotes improved drug delivery by modifying and maintaining the pH at 4.5. This maintenance of pH is due to the buffering agent which also acts as a viscosity enhancing element. Increasing the viscosity ensures a more well distributed current and thus improved patient comfort. The electrode itself is easy to place on the skin at almost any site on the body due to its strong stretching and adhesive properties. The Optima disposable electrodes are available in boxes of 12 in three different sizes.

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