• Therapy in Motion Pilates Exercise Balls
  • Therapy in Motion Pilates Exercise Balls

Perfect Pilates

  • Excellent grip and anti-slip surface
  • Well made with a soft feel
  • Isolate specific muscle groups
  • Easier and safer to use than dumbbells
  • Excellent for rehabilitation, yoga and pilates
  • Great for strength and conditioning exercises


The Therapy in motion Pilates balls are a great addition for those looking to take their training routines to the next level. The Pilate balls are able to make existing exercises more difficult in a way which is both safe and fun. The pilate balls are soft and available in two different sizes, 20 cm and 25cm to offer an adjustable user experience. The anti-slip surface, ensures a good grip even when hands become sweaty. Using the plates balls in the correct way is great for injury prevention, for example squats and lunges can help minimise the risk of sustaining a sprained ankle or knee ligament damage. For this reason Pilates balls are often recommended by physiotherapists during periods of rehabilitation and/or strengthening of weakened areas. The balls are relatively small and can be transported easily if needed. Many advanced yoga users find it useful to compliment their existing exercises with Pilates balls to further intensify their workout routine. The Pilates balls are a great addition to any fitness or workout routine; Pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning, why not take your training to the next level today.

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