• Sterile Permanent Skin Marker Pen (Leonhard Lang)
  • Sterile Permanent Skin Marker Pen (Leonhard Lang)

Surgical Marking Pen 

  • Clearly distinguish surgical area
  • Clearly visible ink
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Non-toxic

The surgical marking pen is ideal for use pre-operatively to clearly distinguish and mark the intended site of surgery. Used extensively in hospitals and healthcare professionals such as physio's, podiatrists and chiropractors. While the markings are long lasting, they can be easily removed if required by gentle washing.

This sterile permanent skin marker pen from Leonhard Lang is designed to provide precise, long-lasting markings on the skin. With its sterile and permanent formula, it ensures accuracy and durability for medical procedures. Say goodbye to smudging and fading, and hello to reliable markings.

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