• Mueller Thigh Sleeve - Neoprene Blend
  • Mueller Thigh Sleeve - Neoprene Blend
  • Mueller Thigh Sleeve - Neoprene Blend
  • Mueller Thigh Sleeve - Neoprene Blend

Mueller Thigh Sleeve: Elevate Your Performance and Protection

Support for tight hamstrings and Quads

  • Contoured fit
  • Quality Neoprene with Nylon stretch ends
  • Helps blood flow and warms muscles


Simple Neoprene thigh sleeve to apply compression and heat for sprains, strains and pain or tightness in hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. The Mueller support is longer than most and will help blood circulation and healing in the affected muscle.


Versatile Application for Various Injuries:

  • Strains, muscle tears, and partial ruptures: The sleeve's compression provides crucial support for muscle healing.
  • Hamstring injuries: Targeted warmth and support help relieve discomfort and enhance recovery.
  • Quadricep injuries: Optimize your quadricep recovery with the Mueller Thigh Sleeve.
  • Adductor muscle belly injuries: Experience relief and support for your adductor muscles.
  • Contusions to the thigh: Protect yourself from contusions and minimize their impact.
  • "Dead leg" trauma injuries via direct blows: Shield yourself from unexpected impacts.

Mueller Thigh Sleeve - Size Guide

Size Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm)
S 21-23 53-58
M 23-25 58-63
L 25-27 63-68
XL 27-29 68-73

Frequently asked questions

Who Can Benefit from This Product?

The Mueller Thigh Sleeve caters to individuals of all ages, whether you're an athlete or seeking to protect and support your thigh muscles. Whether you engage in contact sports or work in demanding environments, this thigh sleeve offers warmth, extrinsic support, and injury prevention.

How Does it Deliver Enhanced Performance?

The key to its effectiveness lies in the contoured neoprene sleeve, which provides circumferential support, reducing the risk of injury and promoting flexibility. The combination of warmth and compression is a well-established strategy for injury prevention, limiting the development of swelling (oedema). Elevate your performance and protection with the Mueller Thigh Sleeve - a versatile, high-quality solution for all your muscle support needs.

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