• Therapy in Motion Wooden Balance Wobble Board
  • Therapy in Motion Wooden Balance Wobble Board

Balance made easy

  • Available in two different tilt angles; 12° and 16°
  • simple, ergonomic design
  • Strong gripped surface
  • Useful in rehabilitation
  • Balance, Strength and Co-ordination
  • Can support weight up to 120kg

The wooden balance, wobble board is ideal for both beginners and experienced users who are looking to improve balance, strength and co-ordination in a way which is safe and enjoyable. Its ergonomic design ensures the user experiences a challenging workout, the degree of difficulty is dependent upon the tilt angle of the board, of which there are two options; 12 or 16°. The greater the tilt angle, the greater the degree of difficulty, it is recommended that beginners start with the lower tilt angle of 12° and move up to the 16° when they feel comfortable to do so. The wooden balance board is recommendable to all large variety of users, of all shapes and sizes and can be of great benefit to any fitness programme. Those who are looking to return from injury can integrate the use of the wobble board into their rehabilitation in a way which is safe and comfortable for them. Which ever your reasoning, the wobble board is a purchase you will not regret and can be sure it will have use in the future.

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