• Therapy in Motion 6mm Exercise / Yoga mat
  • Therapy in Motion 6mm Exercise / Yoga mat

Year long Yoga

  • Made from a durable PVC material
  • Plush 6mm thickness for optimal comfort
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Non-slip, moisture absorbing surface
  • Free from latex
  • Can be used for Yoga, Pilates and Strength and Conditioning

The Therapy in Motion Yoga mat offers an unchallenged, low price alternative for those looking to purchase a mat which offers a lot of the benefits associated with professional labels. The mat features a plush 6mm layer of thickness, offering superior levels of comfort over its rivals. The non-slip, sweat absorbing outer layer, ensures the mat doesn't move even in the sweatiest of conditions whilst providing grip for the user when performing any exercise. The mat can be easily folded, making it a portable option to take on the go to the gym, yoga studio or to use in the comfort of your own home. Whether your a Yoga beginner, seasoned Pilate enthusiast or just looking to perform core strengthening exercises this Yoga/exercise mat should be top of your list.

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