• Leukotape Combi Pack (Leukotape P & Hypafix)
  • Leukotape Combi Pack (Leukotape P & Hypafix)

Physiotherapy standard for patella taping

  • Hypafix for skin protection
  • Leukotape P for re-positioning the patella
  • Taping instructions included
  • Handy combination pack

The Leukotape P Combi-Pack from BSN has become the industry standard for Patello-Femoral Taping. The technique created by Australian physio Jenny McConnell for correcting patella tracking involves the use of Hypafix (formerly known as Fixomull) to protect the skin while re-positioning the knee cap with the strong zinc oxide tape Leukotape P.

Also available as a lower cost option is the Vivotape P Combi Pack

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